At Mindset Counseling Solutions we can help treat your anxiety so you can function better everyday.

We all have experienced anxiety at one point or another. Whether it is situational: like when you’re driving down the road and all the sudden someone pulls out in front of you unexpectedly (scary!) so the rest of the way home you are driving the speed limit with extra caution. OR it’s an everyday struggle: the racing thoughts, restless nights, stomach issues, heart pounding, shortness of breath, worrying about how others will think of you… these symptoms of anxiety can be unpleasant and debilitating at times.
The good news is spending a few hours in therapy to better connect your body sensations to your mind can lessen these symptoms. We call this “CONNECT AND REDIRECT”. In therapy we connect what you feel in your body related to anxiety and then redirect any unhealthy thinking patterns. IT WORKS! It really does. The goal is to actually enjoy life with less stress.

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