College Age

Some people call this time of life the “quarter life crisis.” But here at Mindset we like to call it the “quarter life discovery.”

You may be seeking independence… which is a blend of excitement and fear. You now have to make decisions on your own with less input from your parents. College is the peak of “adulting” as you have to balance your schedule to include attending classes, studying, working, and trying to have a social life.
We work alongside you as we discover your passions and learn about yourself. From career counseling to relationship counseling we work together to find out who you really are.
How do we do that? First, we explore your thinking patterns and how they are dictating your mood. We believe your mindset is your biggest asset. We work on creating healthier thinking patterns which can improve your overall outlook on life. It’s not necessarily what situation you are going through but more about how you will respond to it. Therefore, the tools you learn in therapy now are used for a lifetime. Invest the time and energy now! You deserve to gain independence and freedom to create the life you want!
College Students

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