E-Course: Families Recover Too

Do you suspect your child is using drugs? Does your partner drink too much? Are you at a loss for how to help your loved one after years of agonizing pain and are ready to give up?

This course is to provide educational material for family members whose loved one suffers from substance abuse. Each week you will hear about my expert opinion on common topics heard from family members trying to navigate the world of addiction treatment.

Each session is broken up into three parts:

  • A discussion
  • A practical assignment to complete
  • A book recommendation for continued support
E-Course Families Recover Too

Discussions Include:


A welcome to the course and topics covered.

Week 1: What is Addiction?

A discussion about the signs of symptoms of substance abuse and dependency. You will get detailed information about what qualifies someone for treatment and/or intervention.

Week 2: Boundaries

My favorite! You are going to learn direct ways to establish and maintain boundaries at home with your loved one.

Week 3: Treatment Options

Finally! Your loved one is ready to get help… now what?! Not all treatment centers are the same. This week’s topic is chalk full of information about how to choose the RIGHT treatment center to best fit the needs of your loved one.

Week 4: Home Care

I hate to break it to you, but addiction treatment doesn’t just end after someone is discharged from a treatment center. Now that your loved one is home, your anxiety is probably sky high and you are worried about how long his/her sobriety will last. This week we talk about how to have the best transition from rehab to back home.

Week 5: Self Care

Addiction affects the WHOLE family! Learn why it is so important to take care of yourself in this difficult time. Self-care is crucial for yourself and your loved one’s recovery.

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