High School Age

We specialize in working with high school students who suffer with anxiety and perfectionism feel more balanced and confident.

Being in high school comes with so much pressure. You may feel pressure from your teachers, parents, and coaches to perform your best on tests, at home, and on the field and find it hard to balance. On the outside you appear confident but on the inside you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Day to day life is stressful and chaotic.
Life management skills are not actually taught in high school. We understand the unique challenges young adults face. The pressures of social media expectations can be overwhelming. Your Facebook or Instagram only show a quarter of what’s really going on inside your head.
In therapy we will learn about you and your passions. We then build a treatment plan in order to build off your strengths to come up with solutions to get you feeling better. We will help you find peace, tolerate emotions better, and improve your relationships. You deserve to feel enjoyment in life!
We will also incorporate parent (caregiver) coaching sessions which allows for better understanding and communication at home. These sessions are geared towards educating your caregiver about your progress and techniques you are learning in therapy. Don’t worry, we never share your personal issues with your parents (caregiver) without first discussing it with you. Therapy works best with trusting one another.
High School Students

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