Technology Addiction

Whether it’s spending less time putting filters on your Instagram posts or playing a video game, we want you to have freedom when it comes to technology.

Video game and social media addiction is prevalent in society today. Some teenagers are spending 6 hours a day playing video games. This impact can be noticed in dropping grades, irritable behavior, obsession and stress about when they can play the video game next, increased isolation, and increased depression.
The signs of video game/social media addiction include things like:
  • Spending more time than planned playing a video game or using social media than planned.
  • People pointing out the increased time spent on video games.
  • Given up on responsibility/tasks due to compulsion to check social media or complete the next level in a video game.
  • Craving the use of social media and attention from others.
We treat video game and social media addiction with a holistic approach. Treatment includes addressing things like: increasing self esteem, social skills training, and finding alternative activities. We also work with parents and caregivers to come up with a plan for setting boundaries with technology through coaching and family counseling.
Video Game Addiction

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